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About Us

MODELS… They speak their own language. They have their own way of dressing their needs and desires are discrete. Their temperament swings from grouch to resplendently happy. They’re demanding. The reason being… they have earned their way in to the Glamour World.
Industry  professionals are constantly looking for new faces and oftentimes it isn’t about experience, education or previous exposure. Since we realize theimportance for aspiring talent to seek out new way of promoting themselves, we’ve developed an affordable program where you gather information to enhance your outlook.
Modeling can be an exciting and rewarding career. Even those who model part time enjoy the glamour and recognition that make modeling so appealing. But like any other job, you always want to do the best you can and, like any other job, that isn’t always an effortless task.
At Glitz we can make your job easier. We give you an opportunity to train quickly realizing that the skills taught in modeling classes are extremely valuable in all of life’s worthy pursuits.

Analysing the problems the upcoming models face, we have developed workshops proven to prepare our students to enter the world of modeling and acting – or any industry for that matter – with self-confidence, poise, attractiveness and grace.

The modeling profession is very competitive and demanding. Our must have the proper skills that are necessary to be a professional model.
Being a model is more than just a good face. An agency is always looking for a fresh face & they in turn must prove the reasoning of hiring them over a professional & prove them-self as professional rather than being just another good looking face in the crowd.

Model… Faces that peep out from magazine covers, perfect figures that sashay down the designrt tamps and models that have come to be known in households all over the country.

Whether you want to pursue an interest for pleasure or for profit, Glitz Academy courses can help you develop your skills the way you want.
Developed by professionals, our courses bring you everything you need to achieve the success you want. You’ll find your lessons fascinating and easy to follow. We teach our models what to do to sell the product or services. And as you complete each of your practical assignment, you’ll receive valuable advice from your professionals in the industry.

Glitz Acadey is about creating maximum opportunities for models through unique training ptogram. It’s about the opportunity to be seen and discovered by more than 500 of the top industry professionals; the opportunity to gain knowledge & advice through various workshop, to mingle with industry professionals, to make new friends, to enjoy special performances and to compete in different categories for a share in the industry.

To transform wannabe models into real artists, by giving everyone all the means in the order to combine individual fantasy with professional work. Perspective can mean different things to different people but, above all, perspective on who you are, is gained when you develop a realistic business insight about your career. It should be your mission, for both the experienced and the aspiring talent, to recognized ways of achieving success.

Despite the glamour and hype about the modeling profession, it is hard work. It is filled with rejection, ups and downs. Not all jobs pay well unless you are seriously committed about modeling, willing to work in a professional manner.

Hence the idea of renewing the modeling sector was born introducing a new concept of formation, image and communication.

To become a model means to spread your own creative ideas putting them in the fashion. Models are professionals in the world of fashion playing the important role of interpreting new trands, creating harmony between hairstyling, make-up, figure and deportment, style and clothes, according to the features of each person.

Why Glitz?
Since 1988, Glitz modeling has remained the undisouted leader in the modeling industry. Year after year it gave the industry fresh new faces, faces that add that little extra, which goes a long way in making a successful campaign a real winner. No wonder Femina rates Glitz as among the top ten modeling agencies in the country!
In a time when thousands of model coordinators sprout up, branch out and then wilt away in a matter of just a few months, how has Glitz managed to sustain Leadership, you ask?

The answer lies in our dedication, efficiency and professional approach. This is what has made-us Glitz, the btighttest modeling and coordination agency in the country and now an academy that transforms fresh faces into real artists by giving all means in order to combine individual fantasy with professional work.
Our expertise, at Glitz allows us to transform fresh new talent in to ravishing glamour queens and kings of the ramp. Our magic lies in the pain we take to groom our talent. Constant advice on deportment, painstaking care on make-up techniques & hairstyles and unconditional support has helped us narture the best faces in India, faces that have also captured heart abroad.

Faces like Sushmita Sen, Mahima Chawdhry, Marc Robinson, Anupama Verma, Rahul Dev, Priyanshu Chaterjee, Sayed Zulfi, Aryan Vaid, Indrani Das Gupta, Fleur Xacier…

Glitz transforms model wannabes into fashion superstars. It’s the agency whose models grace catwalks and stare back at us from magazine stands everywhere.
The unmistakable image maker that serves up global fashion glamour we just can’t get enough of.

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